Svetlana & Padmini: Can I be okay when the world is not okay?

Can I be okay even when the world is not okay? Join Svetlana and Padmini in a conversation about ways to hold on to one’s values and well-being in the midst of personal and political turmoil.

2 thoughts on “Svetlana & Padmini: Can I be okay when the world is not okay?”

  1. I’m so moved by the idea of making our “I” as small as possible, not to reduce ourselves in a diminishing way, but to uncover a fundamental part of ourselves that can embody our okayness at any given moment. During the experiential, instead of feeling my feet on the ground, I took a sip of tea and tasted the infinite path the water took to get to my lips. The water itself may have changed in the process, but I am now connected to the source of where it came from on this Earth. I am now a part of this element’s journey as it passes through me. I can be a part of any journey, even that of suffering. And that’s ok; it’s a piece of our human existence among all the other experiences in this Universe. Thanks, Svetlana and Padmini!

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