Practicum and Associate-ship

Pre-licensed clinicians who enroll in our mirror training program may integrate that training into any practicums or internship programs in which they are participating.

Our program for pre-licensed clinicians is structured after a group private practice model. Many intern sites offer work to the young therapist—PTI is an all-encompassing training in the art and business of psychotherapy. Through exercises, groups, and classwork, PTI will teach how to intervene with clients, as well as how to be a therapist for them. We offer skills, both practical and theoretical, that will serve our therapists for their lifetime.

Created by our founders, Carol and Don Hadlock, Process Therapy is a dynamic and creative system of healing interventions. Our goal is to teach young therapist how to avoid vicarious trauma, while offering real change and growth to their clients. While the Process Model is a unique lens for creating your interventions, the central principles of Process Therapy are shared with other mindfulness-based orientations, such as depth psychology, Internal Family Systems, Buddhist psychology, Hakomi, Somatic, Gestalt, and Humanistic psychology. This theoretical commonality allows our associates to blend and enhance multiple modalities. Everyone is invited to explore the therapeutic style that resonates with them as they commence their therapeutic calling.

Beyond theory, we teach the business of therapy. PTI offers training in the marketing and finances of private practice. You will also be guided through the steps of attracting and matching with clients. At the same time, you will never be flooded with clients of our choosing. You will be allowed to work at your own pace, with client relationships you make. While PTI supports professional expansion, we trust the individual journey of our trainees. We value your growth over your income potential.

While in the program you may accumulate as many paying clients as you can generate. Except for the supervision and training, you set your own schedule for seeing clients. You’ll have your own access to the suite and room-scheduling system.

Supervision in the mirror: Experience verification hours are signed off weekly on the form provided by the BBS. Supervision and training hours are signed off weekly as follows:
Group supervision: 2 hours
Counseling/psychotherapy: 1 hour
Training: 1 hour
Additional training viewing videos: 1 hour

Group Supervision: The group experience is the preferred approach to supervision at PTI for trainees and interns.  As a rule, we do not provide individual supervision.

Emergency Supervision: If you need extra supervision, are under stress, or are confronted by an emergency, an individual supervisor can be immediately available to you.

“I love PTI. I came for the mirror training to make sure ‘I was doing it right.’ This helped build my confidence as a therapist. After 14 months in mirror training, I was able to build a caseload of clients. Next, I was in the Advanced Process Class for a year to really solidify the process model. PTI is my community of wonderful; curious therapists and friends.”

—Debb Yamaguchi
NDNU, 2017

“One of the best aspects of PTI is the community of compassionate and heartfelt professionals and the support that is offered at every stage of being a therapist!”

—Abbie Smith
Santa Clara University, 2016

“I’ve stayed at PTI because it’s become a second home, a place where I can build a practice and train to become the best version of myself as a psychotherapist. I feel encouraged and supported by the people around me, most of whom share my values of compassion, authenticity, curiosity and mindfulness. I am encouraged to deepen my understanding of myself and don’t have to conform to another’s approach to psychotherapy. The best part is the people! Amazing therapists, supervisors, and staff who embody loving kindness.”

—Cathy Mathews
CIIS, 2018

“I continue to be a part of PTI because of how genuine and authentic everyone is. The process model is unique in itself because there are so many ways for practical application in the field. The best thing about PTI is that I can be myself, and there is a lot of encouragement as a clinician to pursue a path that is creative and balanced in how the pre-licensed clinicians wants to form our own therapeutic practice as an intern. After completing the mirror training program, I felt more confident and solid in my practical application of all the things I learned in the past 3 years of training at university. I really appreciate the warm and kind atmosphere that PTI has for their interns, and I gained a lot of insight within my own therapy practice. I encourage interns to complete the mirror training program, it changes lives in a positive way.”

—Mariya Punay
Sofia University, 2022