Dialogues from Supervision

by Carol Hadlock, lmft

“Dialogues” has been compiled from master psychotherapist Carol Hadlock’s interactions over three decades with hundreds of clinicians as they worked their way through California licensure as marriage family therapists and clinical social workers. Carol was co-founder—along with her husband, Don—of the Process Therapy Institute in 1982, providing a unique mirror training program for pre-licensed and licensed mental health clinicians, and developing and refining the Process Model of Psychotherapy, an experiential, present moment oriented, meta-model of psychotherapy cultivating the science and art of being and doing.

In this book, Carol’s invitations weave metaphor, story and the observer stance with a piercing honesty that cuts through to core wounds. Those who trained with her often refer to their “inner Carol” voice providing direct, no-nonsense support and trust in the clinician—often at the most vulnerable and intense moments of being with clients. Carol’s writings are gathered in one book, a treasure and a resource to new and seasoned clinicians alike, and to the wider field of psychotherapy and the healing arts.

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Paperback: ‎ 560 pages
ISBN: ‎ 978-0578900544
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  1. I look forward to reading the Carol book, she blew my mind away every week of supervision for 5 years. I wrote down every word she said . She is with me every day.

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