Mirror Training Program

Within our programs, we invite you to begin, continue on, or return to the journey of finding your inner truth. We encourage you to live from that truth with love, both for yourself and others. We invite all participants at PTI into a community where each seeks to fulfill his potential through participation with others.

People enroll in the training program because they want to expand their sense of being and doing as therapists.

We encourage you to develop an attitude of unconditional fascination for your work and for the human beings you treat. Within the frame of respect both for the client and for Self, each student is encouraged to develop his/her own therapeutic style.

Inviting, following, and working with process is also taught and practiced. We teach a variety of therapeutic enactments, how to work in various mediums, and how to integrate the numerous counseling models into a style of psychotherapy you can understand, own, and use effectively. At PTI we invite clients, students, colleagues, and ourselves to adopt a life direction of self-empowerment.

How it works

You will work with a client or one of your peers while a licensed master process trainer will observe behind a one-way mirror, and give you guidance and support through an earpiece in a real time. Participants receive immediate feedback from the trainer and their peer team while increasing the level of their therapeutic skills.

The mirror training program takes 2 hours per week, adjacent to a 2-hour group supervision. Students start with a 1-year commitment and stay in the program until they feel complete, typically within 1-2 years. Come with the attitude of staying as long as you are benefiting from it.

Enrollment in the Mirror Program also includes our 30-hour Basic Process Class, the 9-hour Marketing from the Inside Out class, and a 6-hour “Nuts and Bolts” class at no extra charge.

Although one can participate in this program as part of a practicum, it is separate from any Masters Degree program.

Current sections:
Mondays | 6:00 – 8:00 Next Start May, ’24
Tuesdays | 2:00 – 4:00 Next Start May, ’24
Tuesdays | 6:00 – 8:00 Next Start May, ’24
Wednesdays | 12:00 – 2:00 Next Start May, ’24

Training Fee: please inquire

“This is what I had moved to California to find: an answer to the ‘more’ question when it came to change in myself and other.”

—Mary Karver, LMFT
Saybrook Univ., 2012

“I kept hearing about the mirror training … I loved the idea of having backup while I was learning how to become a therapist.”

—Janet Henderson, LMFT
JFK University, 2012

“Working in front of the one-way mirror is a great opportunity! To be observed directly and receive feedback, builds skill and confidence as a therapist. I consider the training I received at PTI to be the most valuable of my career.”

—Nancy Ryan, LMFT
Santa Clara Univ., 1983

“I was impressed with the training program, which fit my needs perfectly… I appreciated the flexibility and opportunities to participate as an intern in ways that fit my schedule and training needs.”

—Kevin Cornelius, LMFT
Phillips Graduate Univ., 2000

“I came to PTI because of the mirror training and then sat in on a group and loved the vibe.”

—Grace Harbin, LMFT
Santa Clara Univ., 2014

“This was the place I learned how to do therapy—not just the model I practiced out of, but how to apply theory to practice in the room.”

—Sharon Lutman, LMFT
JFK University, 1990

If you are interested in learning more about or applying to the Mirror Program at PTI, we would love to hear from you!