Mirror Training Program

Your enrollment in our mirror training program is separate from, yet integrated into, any practicums or internship programs in which you are participating. It provides intensive training.

You will work with a client or one of your peers while a licensed trainer will observe behind a one-way mirror, and give you guidance and support through an earpiece in a real time. Participants receive immediate feedback from the supervisor and their peer team while increasing the level of their therapeutic skills.

The mirror training program takes 2 hours per week, following a 2-hour group supervision. Students start with a 1-year commitment and stay in the program until they feel complete, typically within 1-2 years. Come with the attitude of staying as long as you are benefiting from it.

While in the program you may accumulate as many paying clients as you can generate. Except for the supervision and training, you set your own schedule for seeing clients. You’ll have your own key and access to room scheduling.

Supervision in the mirror: Experience verification hours are signed off weekly on the form provided by the BBS. Supervision and training hours are signed off weekly as follows:
Group supervision: 2 hours
Counseling/psychotherapy: 1 hour
Training: 1 hour
Additional training viewing videos: 1 hour

You will learn and experience the art and science of working live with clients or peers behind one-way mirror while being guided by a licensed trainer. You will have an opportunity to learn on the spot and to get support as you progress. You can observe any of these training before enrollment: call ahead to get permission to attend.

Four sections:
Tuesdays | 12:00 – 2:00 TBD
Tuesdays | 6:00 – 8:00 On-going
Wednesdays | 12:00 – 2:00 On-going
Thursdays | 6:00 – 8:00 On-going

“This is what I had moved to California to find: an answer to the ‘more’ question when it came to change in myself and other.”

—Mary Karver
Saybrook Univ., 2012

“I kept hearing about the mirror training … I loved the idea of having backup while I was learning how to become a therapist.”

—Janet Henderson
JFK University, 2012

“Working in front of the one-way mirror is a great opportunity! To be observed directly and receive feedback, builds skill and confidence as a therapist. I consider the training I received at PTI to be the most valuable of my career.”

—Nancy Ryan
Santa Clara Univ., 1983

“I was impressed with the training program, which fit my needs perfectly… I appreciated the flexibility and opportunities to participate as an intern in ways that fit my schedule and training needs.”

—Kevin Cornelius
Phillips Graduate Univ., 2000

“I came to PTI because of the mirror training and then sat in on a group and loved the vibe.”

—Grace Harbin
Santa Clara Univ., 2014

“This was the place I learned how to do therapy—not just the model I practiced out of, but how to apply theory to practice in the room.”

—Sharon Lutman
JFK University, 1990