Marketing from the Inside Out

Marketing is more than manifesting more clients, or money. Marketing, done right, is respectful; it isn’t “manipulation;” it is not “begging,” not “bragging;” it’s a conversation.
Marketing, done well, comes from an attitude of mutual abundance. It is the ability to create Mutual Abundance between you and others by offering and allowing the exchange of abundance. ​You craft a story of who you are as a therapist, and learn to tell it well to those who would be your clients. Marketing is sharing your passion and your competence with people who will resonate with those things.

This class will explore ways of helping professionals connect to their inner creativity by allowing abundance to flow through them. We will also focus on how to direct this inner energy outward to manifest our abundance.
Explore experientially the concepts of:

  • preparing an environment for flowing abundance,
  • establishing an environment for flowing abundance,
  • opening a channel to a connection with abundance,
  • allowing and beleiving in the open channel,
  • setting an intention for manifesting abundance,
  • clarifying intention,
  • allowing the manifestation of the intention to unfold.

3 Sessions

Starts: June, 2024

Saturdays 10AM to 1PM PST
6/1, 6/15, 6/29



($125 for pre-licensed clinicians)

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