PTI Staff


  • Bragg, Kristen, LMFT Master Process Trainer
    Kristen Antoinette Bragg, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist has been with PTI since 2009.  She studied at JFKU and graduated from the Counseling Psychology/Holistic program.  Kristen utilizes an eclectic approach to therapy as a way to meet the client where they are as well as gently introduce them to a variety of modalities where they can explore the aspects of self they wish to engage and strengthen.  She feels honored to be a part of her clients lives and loves getting to witness the magic and wisdom they possess.
  • Kreimer, Svetlana, LMFT Master Process Trainer
    I came to PTI as a trainee in my last year of Expressive Arts Therapy program at CIIS (San Francisco) in 2006, more then 10 years ago, and I still feel it was the best thing that happened to me as a therapist. It taught me how to stay in presence and connection to myself and a client, how to invite without agenda, and how to trust and allow the process to “unfold as it should”.
    I’ve been licensed in 2013 and work since in a private practice in Menlo Park, offering couples and individuals much-needed space and opportunity for a self-discovery, desired change, and personal growth.
    And now I’m back at PTI in hope to “pay it forward”, in my turn to offer newly minted therapists, interns and trainees, a fully supportive, informative, and overall great experience of supervision and training in the best tradition of Process Therapy Institute
  • Nagaraj, Padmini, LMFT Certified Process Trainer
    Padmini is the Training Director at the PTI, where she trains and teaches, organizes classes and events, and facilitates the consultation groups licensed clinicians. Additionally, she works with individuals, couples, families and groups in private practice in the East Bay and San Jose.
  • Vulfovich, Dmitry, LMFT Master Process Trainer
    Dmitry Vulfovich, LMFT is one of the clinical directors at the Process Therapy Institute. His specialty is treating trauma and other mental health issues using a holistic body-oriented approach. He also specializes in mindfulness and transpersonal psychology, which involves shamanic and eastern practices that lead to health and well being. Dmitry is also a master teacher trainer at the PTI, which involves experiential one-way mirror training and classes in the Process Model. Dmitry is a community leader, DJ, and workshop facilitator. He leads classes oriented to zen, movement/dance therapy, boundaries, relationships/sexuality, and flow states.
  • Vulfovich, Nadia, LMFT Master Process Trainer

Administrative Staff

Board of Directors

  • Stephanie Smith, LMFT(President)
  • Jennifer Crane, LMFT (Vice-President)
  • Amy Powel, LMFT (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Susan Aiken, LMFT
  • Dana Girard, Psy.D.
  • Trevor Meyerowitz
  • Ron Steck, LMFT