Contribute to PTI

The Process Therapy Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization running since 1982. There is a long history within our community of generosity, offerings of kindness, care, time, services and money. Clinicians, clients, friends and colleagues who have been touched by PTI in some way have asked how they could give back to PTI. Here are some ways.

Sign up for our mirror program, and refer us to your colleagues. The mirror training program offers excellent clinical training to licensed and pre-licensed clinicians. It is open to all mental health practitioners and provides a one of kind experience of deepening in the therapist seat. Many of our mirror training clinicians themselves discovered the program as clients in the past. They came to the training because they loved their therapy experience. It’s never too late to take this training.

Refer clients to us, and refer us to your clients. PTI offers therapy for individuals, children, couples and families. We also offer a wide variety of ongoing therapy groups. Our clinicians are caring, welcoming, and deeply committed to inviting clients to have new experiences, deepen their capacity to be present and orient towards self-healing and growth. 

Take a class or a workshop. Do it once a semester, or once a year. Many of our classes and workshops are open to all mental health clinicians, whether they have trained here or not, including the foundational Basic Process Class which repeats 3 times a year. It is lovely to see alumni participating in classes; they bring a depth of experience, and the classes are a wonderful chance to practice the Process Model in community. Did we mention we offer CE’s?

Participate in our licensed consultation group. The group is facilitated by a PTI-certified Mirror-Trainer and continues to build on the training provided in the mirror program. This is a great way to extend the learning and experience from the mirror training program.

Attend ongoing PTI events. Every month and semester, we offer events for the whole community. On second Fridays of every month there is a Process Friday lecture with a lively line up of speakers and topics presented from the Process Model lens. On third Mondays of every month there is a Free Community Workshop where our clinicians offer psycho-education, support and resources on relevant and interesting topics such as coparenting, wellness, anxiety and depression. 

Donate directly to PTI.

Thank you for giving back to PTI!