Our Mission Statement

Our invitation to all mental health workers who choose to train with us is that find joy and ease in their work with others by; finding and living in the love and ease that resides in them. Then extending this place of grace to their clients, while  they  create and use invitations that can illuminate their clients journeys’ toward self realization.

Our Vision

Our vision is that mental health providers all come together and help one another on our journeys to becoming the highest incarnation of ourselves as therapists.

Process Model Concepts

Mirror Training Program


Mirror trainings are included as part of the Intern/Practicum Programs.

The mirror training is a program that provides immediate assistance to the student therapist through a remote earpiece during live sessions. Extensive feedback is also provided after each viewed session.

Constructive feedback is provided on your recorded videotapes of your sessions with clients for your review at home.

Supervisors and Trainers

Articles on Process Philosophy

Positive Attitude arrow with beach background
Positive Attitude Towards Learning

We invite you to consider the following concepts in your approach to being a student at PTI. Begin to think of all incoming information as neutral and perceive it all as valuable to you.

Meeting Of Support Group

In our training program we help you discover concepts that work for you. We explore techniques and procedures for clinical work, practice down-to-earth techniques while in sessions with clients and opportunities to develop skills.

PTI Guiding Principles

Sending and receiving love are the most important and fulfilling processes that help to make us whole. In fact, they are two parts of a whole – we can’t do more of one than we can the other.

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