Sacred Disorientation with Melissa Fritchle

In this episode of Work in Process, Melissa Fritchle talks with us about the idea of Sacred Disorientation and humility as keys to navigating the changes we are facing as humans at this time. Melissa focuses on how building a loving relationship with the natural world can help us open our perspective and face our own “not knowing.”

Melissa Fritchle is a Holistic Psychotherapist (LMFT) in private practice in Santa Cruz, CA who trained at the Process Therapy Institute. She also has a non-licensed practice offering Soul Guidance & nature-based spiritual guidance drawing on her certificate in EcoMinistry from Seminary of the Wild and her work as a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She is the author of The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook. A teacher and public speaker, Melissa hopes to inspire embodied presence and ways of finding awe as our teacher. You can reach her through or

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