Interact Journal Integrative Ideas for the Process-Oriented Psychotherapist

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PTI Guiding Principles

The simple concepts that we believe underpin the search for happiness that all of us undertake during the course of our lives.

We are our own creators.
We are responsible for the quality of every moment.
Our external world is a manifestation of our internal world.


At PTI, we believe that everyone is on a journey toward Wholeness. What does Wholeness mean? Most simply, it’s the ultimate comfort you can achieve ‘in your own skin’. It’s where every action and decision that you take is informed by a sense of perspective and purpose, and the feeling that your life is proceeding according to a cohesive plan. It’s the opposite of the feeling that you’re at the mercy of everything – of events around you, and of conflicting feelings, desires and motivations within yourself.

When you’re on the journey to wholeness, no matter what action we take, the positive intention of that action is to move toward the experience of harmony and balance. This all sounds amazing in theory; but some people never feel it. A lucky few achieve it to a remarkable extent. Most of us are somewhere in between. At times we might lose the perspective of our Wholeness; when that happens, we need to pause, disengage, take stock of our situation and then return to the path.


Sending and receiving love are the most important and fulfilling processes that help to make us whole. In fact, they are two parts of a whole – we can’t do more of one than we can the other. Try to imagine loving someone with all your heart, but only wanting them to love you back a little bit, not too much – it’s impossible! We think it goes without saying that the unconditional giving and receiving of love is one of the most satisfying and sure-fire paths to fulfilment.
Our physical experience is a manifestation of a larger consciousness that is shared by everyone. This larger consciousness flows through us at all times. We can learn to connect with, and stay connected to, this flow.

Within this flow, we play and co-create.


Life consists of a smorgasboard of choices through which we define ourselves. We are our own creators. We are responsible for the quality of every moment. We remember our true selves through our relationships with everyone and everything. Our external world is a manifestation of our internal world. We can direct our inner journey by showing up to ourselves in our interactions with our external relationships. We make changes for ourselves, yet cannot make any changes without interactions with others. We have free will to chose. We can choose either resistance or non-resistance. We can flow or constrict.

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