Interact Journal Integrative Ideas for the Process-Oriented Psychotherapist

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On “What the heck…”

In the middle of a family session I go a little crazy and think, what the heck am I Doing in here?

You will find your question more useful if you will change the pronoun. Instead of asking yourself what you are doing in here, ask yourself, “What the heck are THEY doing in here? ” Better yet, think, “I wonder how I could enact what they’re doing in here. Okay brain, if you will come up with an idea, I’ll implement it.” Then breathe, connect with yourself and wait for your organism to do something. Whatever it comes up with, it probably will not be the perfect intervention. It might not even be in the ball park. It does not matter. Give up needing to know what you are doing. Work with the response to what you do.

Should your brain remain silent when you ask yourself what you are doing, experiment with pronoun substitutions. For example, ask out loud, “What the heck are You Guys doing in here right now?”

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