PTI Workshop Proposal Form

Thank you for participating at PTI by giving a lecture/workshop!


The PTI Free Community Workshop series is held on the third Monday of each month from 5:30PM to 7PM at the PTI office. This event is open to all audiences, especially to PTI cilents.

The Free Community Workshop will need: a title, a description, a speaker bio and a picture.


Process Fridays are held on the second Friday of each month. Each experiential workshop is 1.5 hours from 12 to 1:30PM PST at the PTI office in San Jose. This series is for mental health clinicians.

Process Friday lectures will need: a title, a brief description, learning objectives, a speaker bio and a picture.

Workshop descriptions and learning objectives can be brief, 1 to 3 sentences.

Learning objectives are written with the end of the workshop in mind. If you interviewed a participant leaving the workshop, they would say, “In this workshop, I learned…” 3 enactments to work with couples in conflict, or 2 ways to invite my clients and myself to stay in the present moment, or 3 enactments to work with clients in crisis. Workshops are experiential, so LO’s easily turn into experiential exercises.

PTI is approved by CAMFT Continuing Education Provider Approval (CEPA), and as such, they provide these recommendations. You are welcome to use these suggestions or come up with your won.

Measurable Learning Objective Verbs To Use:

• KNOWLEDGE: identify, name, acquire, distinguish

• COMPREHENSION: convert, transform

• APPLICATION: apply, explain, carry out, prepare, operate, plan, repair

• ANALYSIS: list, compare, identify, classify, distinguish, catalog, order, determine

• SYNTHESIS: write, plan, integrate, specify, produce, organize, design, build

• EVALUATION: evaluate, verify, assess, test, rank, measure, select

DO NOT USE: Discuss, Understand, Articulate, Feel, Recall, Recognize, Translate, Extrapolate, Interpret, Abstract, Sequence, Solve, Generalize, Analyze, Estimate, Observe, Detect, Discover, Discriminate, Explore, Investigate, Breakdown, Outside, Formulate, Propose, Theorize, Systemize, Judge, Appraise, and Check

Workshop Proposal Form

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