Interact Journal Integrative Ideas for the Process-Oriented Psychotherapist

  • Holdings – the power of a cuddle

    As parents, we don’t need to be told that holding our children is sometimes the most powerful and effective way of enveloping them in calmness and security. It’s a vital part of creating the secure bond of attachment that children carry with them throughout their future life, and, before our babies can talk, it can sometimes be the only way to communicate the strong feelings of love and protectiveness that we have towards them. As our children grow physically bigger, rambunctious, and more independent, the frequency, length and intensity of our cuddles with them often tends to fall away – it’s easier to keep hold of a slippery eel than an eight-year old schoolboy! As all that happens, it’s easy to forget the primal power that a loving embrace exerts over a distressed, disconnected child. Used in this situation, we at PTI refer to a cuddle as a ‘holding’. Read on to see how simple and useful a tool it can be in your parenting skill set.

  • Hey, Misery – yes, you!

    Hey – Misery! Why are you following me round the whole time with me?
    Huh – glad you finally asked me. All those un-completed, un-allowed negative experienced that you have? I just cannot keep away from them!

  • We are just Visiting

    Thank you for choosing earth.
    We invite you to relax and have fun.
    There are some rules. You will discover them as you journey.

  • A Journey of Truth

    We are all on a journey toward knowing ourselves better, becoming more aware and more connected to the truth of who we really are.
    It is only through our relationships with others that we discover deeper truths about ourselves.
    One can never know the truth about another’s journey towards truth.