Interact Journal Integrative Ideas for the Process-Oriented Psychotherapist

  • A Journey of Truth

    We are all on a journey toward knowing ourselves better, becoming more aware and more connected to the truth of who we really are.
    It is only through our relationships with others that we discover deeper truths about ourselves.
    One can never know the truth about another’s journey towards truth.

  • What is Process Therapy?

    All of us humans are looking for a sense of fulfillment and well-being in our lives—that state where we are able to allow life energy to flow easily and without resistance. However, when negative events happen and we perceive we are broken, or not safe, most of us constrict our flow of well-being and perceive our experience as un-ease. We invite our clients to identify their psychological constrictions and release them, thus making room for the return to ease, awareness of life’s energy flow, and the experience of fulfillment in their lives.